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We are starting to publish a visual story “Games of Condo Fees”. It is serial of articles dedicated to reveal  original purposes of Condominiums in Canada, its influence to people’s social and financial wellbeing.  

This innovative serial of articles is consisted of short visual stories – Episodes, based on very unique visual analytics related to condo industry that will be delivered to a wide audience of condo owners, directors, condo tenants, condo service providers and professional associations related to a condo industry, Toronto and Ontario government to discover which of original purposes have been really achieved and what needs to be done to build a better future of condo owners.

Episode #1. “General condo statistics” will be published in: 

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Episode #2 “Condo construction and condo market price relationship and price trends” will be published in: 

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Condo Business Intelligence is 3 in One Solution dedicated to connect 

Condo Directors & Owners with the Best Condo Service Providers

Condo Business Intelligence

Condo Business Intelligence Solution is to connect Condo Directors & Owners Community with   Best Condo Service Providers:

  • Condo Industry Analytics & Condo Services best Practice
  • Educating Resources how to get condo services improved and condo fees decreased 

Condo Fair tender - tendering platform for Condominiums allows Condo Directors or Managers to:

  • hire a Condo Management Company or other Service providers through tenders
  • hire a Condo Manager, Cleaning Personnel as Employees
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Condo Benchmarking - analytical platform for Condominiums allows Condo Directors, Condo Owners or Managers to:

  • find Condo Management Company comparing condo financial indicators
  • find Condo Management Company requesting quotes
  • find the best Condo for Investment and for living based on your criteria, comparing financial indicators 
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Condo Directors' Secure Channels allows Condo Directors to communicate:

  • within the same Board (the same condo and the other condo  owners CAN NOT see the chat)
  • with other condominiums' boards' directors (the same condo and the other condo  owners CAN NOT see the chat)
  • with the same Condo Owners (other condominiums' condo owners and board directors CAN NOT see the chat)

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