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Condo Management Services Finder

Condo Management Services Finder

Condo Management Services Finder

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The innovative tool designed to compare Condo Management Quotes based on condo benchmarks and Management Companies’ offers

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The Quote Consists of:

  1. Condo Approximate Annual Operational Budget (Reserve Fund is Not included)

  2. Condo Management Annual Service Fee

Are your condo fees matching to your condo services quality and quantity?

Are you looking for a company or a manager that could spend your money more efficiently?

Compare your condo financial indicators  against others

Enter your condo fees, $ per SF

and get a list of condominiums that have lover fees. Check their amenities, inclusions, other parameters and indicators. Select benchmarking condos and reveal who manages them

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  • check condo fees statistics by cities, by neighbourhoods, by management companies
  • find condos that have the best indicators (condo fees, VCI, market value)
  • make a selection by your condo parameters (size, amenities, inclusions) to get a list of similar condos and check who manages them
  • request a Company's Quote right from the rank or fill in the Quotes' Request Form to get the list of Companies' offers to choose from
  • get the Quotes from Management Companies and /or Managers and 


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