Condo KPIs are on Your Palms

Toronto & GTA Condo Value to Current Cost Statistics

Toronto & GTA

Condos KPIs are on your palms

Was that difficult to understand:

How are your condo fees  comparing  to others? 

If that fees are enough to maintain your condo asset in appropriate conditions and increase that asset’s market value?


Which property management companies manage similar condo buildings more efficiently?

Which condo performance indicators might be helpful to select a right property management company or a manager ?


Which condo would bring you the highest ROI?

How to see all condos market indicators together to compare? 

Now you have Interactive Tools to check all condos’ KPIs for your decision-making

As a Director & Condo Owner 

As a Condo Investor & Realtor

KPIs for Condo Management & Owners

Compare how is your condo fees, market value and their derivatives comparing to other condos
Check who manages the most financially successful condos

KPIs for Condo Investors & Realtors

Compare Condos ROI, CapRate,
Market Value Annual Growth

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