How does “Condo Ranking Detailed” help to make the best choice?

As the name suggests, the Condo Management Company Selector is a Condo owners’ tool specifically designed for those interested to understand how much similar Condo buildings pay to maintain a particular building & a set of amenities at a desirable level of conditions and which Companies /or Property Managers manage those buildings. It also shows which property management companies provide the best efficiency for an owner’s money, maintaining a decent level of services for the lowest costs. We calculated a Condo Performance Indicator related to a particular Condo Average Market Value, $ per square foot and Annual Maintenance Fees to maintain that Market Value. 

We identified 5 condo price segments:

Just 5 steps are needed to make a result-based selection of a condo management company.

# 1 Select a Property Market Price Segment

#2 Check the box to Select General Parameters of the Buildings for a Comparison or leave the box unchecked.

You can select a particular condo management company of your choice to see just a list of the buildings managed by that company or a particular level of maintenance fees might be selected to see the list of the buildings that have a lower maintenance condo fees.

# 3 You can Sort condo buildings’ list by any Indicator (using a Selector in the upper right corner of the buildings list)

Condo Performance Indicator that relates Av Market Value and Av Annual Condo Fees

might be very helpful to understand how much different building spend to maintain a property market value. The higher that indicator the better condo building’s efficiency. It means condo spends less to maintain an appropriate property value.

#4 You can click the name of the condo building to see all the details of the building:

– all amenities,

– inclusions,

– historical condo fees,

– historical market value,

– all general information.

#5 Create a short-list and collect some more relevant information

After getting a list of desirable management companies, maintenance fee and building names based on your search criterium, your reasonable next steps would be:

  • to get in touch with a Property Management Company. Some of them has a link below of Property Management Company Name you could arrange with the company all the following discussions and cooperation,
  • to see photos of the buildings servicing that management company,
  • to search for the information about that building’s problems and successes, to visit the building to see how it is maintained and to talk with that building’s owners or board directors (now possible through our It’s important to compare a few management companies and their performance to make the best choice for your Condo building.

We hope our new tools for the Owners and Condo Boards will help to make a right choice of a Property Management Company!

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